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Karen Soroca

Songwriter, Singer, Choreographer, Actress, Yoga Instructor, Wife, Mother

Contact: contact@wisewomansongs.com

Karen Soroca is the talented composer/songwriter in the songwriting team of Soroca & Allocca. Her song "Wise Woman", an inspirational song for all women, has become the theme song for the team and is their number one licensed track for film and TV. It was selected for a compilation CD for Mamapalooza, a company dedicated to moms who write and perform music.

Karen also sings a lovely smooth jazz tune on "Lovely Little Cat", among other tracks.

New Choral Piece for 2008: "Thinking of You".

New Solo Piece for 2009: "Love Never Dies".

New Choral Piece for 2011: "Happy Hallowthanksmas".

New Solo Piece for 2014: "No Other Like Your Mother".

And here's another Christmas novelty favorite by Karen: "Christmas Wrappin".