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Here is a song which comes from the heart. It's guaranteed to get you thinking, get you feeling, and just plain get you on your feet! It's not just a song. It's an anthem!




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What is a WISE WOMAN?

Did you know that the wise woman was a familiar figure in tribes? Click here to read an insightful 1-page article which takes a wide perspective on the topic, "What is a WISE WOMAN?"

How is WISE WOMAN relevant to you? Click here to read songwriter Karen Soroca's fascinating account of how the concept of WISE WOMAN came to her. WISE WOMAN Q&A with Karen Soroca

For those of you who are peri-menopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal, I would like to recommend Susun S. Weed's books, NEW MENOPAUSAL YEARS, and MENOPAUSAL YEARS, THE WISE WOMAN WAY.  Her alternative approach to menopause was extremely helpful to me with her wonderful insights and vast knowledge of herbs.   She gives many alternatives for relief of menopausal symptoms and overall well being.  To link to Susun's website:  Susun Weed's Wise Woman Center is at

Karen Soroca had the inspiration for this song on a yoga retreat.(Note her yoga pose, too. It's Warrior pose and it really helps you stay powerful and focused!)

WISE WOMAN Lyrical Excerpt:

And inside me a fire's beginning to rise.

The roles I have played now harmonize.

I've set the stage; I've written my part.

You know you're never too old to follow your heart!

'Cause you're a mother, a daughter, a friend and a wife,

a sister, a teacher, a healer of strife.

a mover and shaker, a lover of life!

'Cause you're a WISE WOMAN, can't you see...

that you're a WISE WOMAN, as wise as me!!!!

Copyright 2001 Danstar Productions. All rights reserved

I was so touched by your song. The women who were there still comment on how much they enjoyed it!"        

- Kathy Chapek, nurse practitioner; director of children's theater

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Teresa James

Teresa James is the phenomenal singer of WISE WOMAN. Her voice is like a cross between Bonnie Raitt and Janis Joplin. WOW! She also performs on our song, "Santa, May I Hitch a Ride on Your Sleigh?"



"I played your song at the retreat. It got a great response. WISE WOMAN is indeed a wise song!"

- Mary Ann Halpin, photographer, author Pregnant Goddesshood

"Mommy, could you please put WISE WOMAN on? I want to hear WISE WOMAN. Please!"

- Gianna, at age 8


WISE WOMAN songwriters Soroca & Allocca,  (Janet Marie, top, and Karen Soroca, seated), would love to hear from you! 

The song "Wise Woman" can be heard under the climactic sequence to the documentary "Above & Beyond: 100 Years of Women in Aviation". The film showed all across the country in the U.S. Air Force Centennial of Flight ExhibitionMore...





"I really love WISE WOMAN. What a great song!...I love the lyrics and the arrangements."

- Mae Ross, actress and modeling instructor



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