"She is an ageless beauty. She sits on a mountaintop in total silence and peace communing with nature. She has all the inner wisdom of her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She is the collective consciousness of all women. She is a wise woman.
Her answers come from her heart, as well as her head, for her knowledge is not just from the intellect, but comes from that instinctual place deep inside, known as intuition."

According to author Judy Hall in her book Holistic Menopause, A New Approach to Midlife Change, "In ancient times, all post-menopausal women were to some extent believed to have this power of inner sight" – to be able to look back into the past or peer into the future. They were revered as the truth tellers and the peacemakers. Those women in whom this ability was well developed became the seers and healers of the tribe, the "Wise Women".

They were the midwives who assisted women in childbirth. They were the healers who administered herbs to help the sick. They taught young men how to pleasure women. They helped the dying.

In the Middle Ages, witch hunts discouraged women from using these innate powers. But today, women are freer to fully express themselves, and with so many baby boomers now reaching mid-life, the "Wise Woman" has re-emerged and once again, according to Hall, become a "figure of inspiration and intuition."

A modern day "Wise Woman" is many things. She might sit and meditate or practice yoga or Thai Chi, but not necessarily. She is a woman in tune with herself, someone who is not afraid to acknowledge her own powers. She is strong yet feminine, sensual but not ruled by her sexuality, intelligent and yet intuitive. She uses her talents in a way that benefit those around her. Her nurturing abilities now reach beyond her home into the community. She is, as the contemporary song "WISE WOMAN" says, " …a mother, a daughter, a friend and a wife; a sister, a teacher, a healer of strife; a mover and shaker, a lover of life."

And yes, she is "a woman who’s entering a new stage of life." Today’s forty or even fifty-plus-year-olds are now finding new passions, re-inventing themselves and taking their visions out into the world to manifest them. The song "WISE WOMAN" is dedicated to these vibrant, sensual, self-assured women.

But "WISE WOMAN" was also written to honor all women – from our grandmothers to our future generations. And not only does it honor our feminine side, but it also honors the nurturing female energy in all living things, including that most female energy of all, our Mother Earth. So with a pulsating rhythm and positive message, this song empowers all! "You’re never too old to follow your heart," it says, so don’t be afraid to be who you are, and above all, celebrate life!

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"What is a Wise Woman?" Written by Karen Soroca

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