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Unlock My Heart

Open Sesame

Abracadabra, Baby

You got me!

UNLOCK  MY HEART is a foot-stomping, get up and dance song that addresses the differences between the sexes.  It's about a guy who needs his smart, pretty girlfriend to "unlock his heart" so he can get in touch with his sensitive side (excuse us, do men even have sensitive sides?) and open himself to love.

The metaphor of a combination lock is used to great advantage in this fun song, particularly in the bridge, where our guy is imploring his girlfriend to turn him left-right-left to get his sorry heart open. Yeah, well, don't ponder this one too deeply - just know that this tune is guaranteed to make you want to get up on your feet...and spin!

It doesn't hurt that we have a sexy hunk, Kent Earl Housman, performing this contemporary country rock song. His sense of fun infuses the song with a great sense of style - like Tim McGraw's rendition of "I Like It; I Love It".

Housman, better known as the "Wham Bam Man", is an accomplished singer-songwriter-guitarist who best describes his own music as "redneck blues". Originally from Northern California, he has racked up extensive credits in film, TV and music.

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