The One That Got Away - Lyrics

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Music & Lyrics by Soroca & Allocca

(Karen Soroca & Janet Marie)


Verse 1

Oh, it tore my heart out

I’m facing oblivion

I can’t even think

My head’s in a tailspin

And I cannot cry

          And I don’t know why…

Because of the one that…

Got away!


Verse 2

Oh, woah, yeah, he messed me up

          So deep, deep inside

That my emotions

Had nowhere to hide

And it’s all very puzzling

          This hold on my soul…

Because of the one that…

Got away!



Away from the oneness

          We once knew

Away from two hearts

          That surely beat true

Away from knowing

          That he was the one

Away, so far,        



 Verse 3 (Variant)

And even his eyes…

          Were the color of mine

Dusty, so blue,

          And so very fine

And then when he kissed me,

          Time seemed to stop

{EFX: Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock}


Verse 4 (Variant)

Oh, Destiny, pray for me,

          {Beat} Free my soul

I’m so very lonely,

          My heart has a hole!

I so loved this man –

          The one I adore…Oh…



…The one that…

Got away!


[ALTERNATE CODA version available]:

Away, so

          Far away!]



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