The One That Got Away

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"The One That Got Away" is an adult contemporary/pop ballad sung by Kiley Dean and written by Soroca & Allocca, Songwriters (Karen Soroca and Janet Marie).  This sad and poignant song that so many of us can relate to, may break your heart!  However, the sheer beauty of the piano, synth, viola, bass and drums accompanying the top-notch vocals give this haunting song a soaring send-off. 




Writer/Producer: Janet Marie

Writer/Musical Director: Karen Soroca

Piano/Synth: Alan Steinberger

Viola: Novi Novog

Drums: Kenny Wayne

Engineer/Bass/Percussion: Lawrence Treadwell


The Story Behind the Song


Who doesn’t have their own story of “the one that got away”?  We’ve all been there.  That’s why, when Janet Marie experienced a real-life example, she let the emotions come out in a song that was essentially written in one day.  That happens with songwriters sometimes.  It can just all flow together.  The polish was something else, though, and partner Karen Soroca helped take that first draft and turn it into the song you hear now.  However, for a song that was written in one day in 2010, it wasn’t actually recorded until 2015!


For the recording, we were happy to work again with trusty and talented engineer and guitarist Lawrence Treadwell.  Our pianist, Alan Steinberger, has many feature credits and is one of the best we’ve ever worked with.  Alan brought the haunting underpinning of the piece to life.  Our singer, Kiley Dean, was just amazing.  Kiley has backed for Madonna and Britney Spears!  Janet originally met Kiley at an open mic night and was introduced to Kiley by Monte Pittman, who is Madonna’s lead guitarist.  Working in LA, we are so lucky to have some of the best session artists available to us!