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Thank God for a Wonderful World (Inspirational Pop)

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The following are remarks made by Karen Soroca at the Unity Church of Marin, Novato, California, on May 23rd, 2004. That day, the service celebrated creativity and featured a live performance of "Thank God for a Wonderful World" by the Praise Team of the Unity-in-Marin Church.

Good morning everyone.  My name is Karen Soroca and I write in the songwriting team of SOROCA & ALLOCCA.  My friend Janet Marie and I have known each other for 25 years.  I believe that in life the things we love to do bring us the people we love and it was the love of dance that brought us together.  We always joked about how great our maiden names sounded together SOROCA & ALLOCCA catchy, and we always knew that wed end up doing something together.  Then around 5 years ago, Janet approached me to help her with a song she had written.  So, I flew down to LA, where she lives and where I used to live, and that was the beginning of our collaboration.  Weve been working together ever since.  In fact, this praise song, THANK GOD FOR A WONDERFUL WORLD, is the second song we ever wrote together.

 Now, I believe that all my songs come through me and are not created by me alone.  CREATIVITY we all have it within us to create or as I believe co-create.  My experience tells me that when you follow your heart, you let Spirit come through you and you co-create.  This creates right livelihood.  This is what I do with my music.  I never feel that I am writing alone.

We all have special talents, gifts, and abilities and when we tune into this higher consciousness, the best, creative things pour out of us.  It can be through a song, a poem, a dance, a painting or the creation of a beautiful garden.  It can also be something quite simple.  Every day we create or co-create in our daily lives.  So, from my experience, creativity has to do with coming from a really deep place, and trusting our higher selves and Spirit.

The Praise Team of the Unity-in-Marin Church (Left to right: Marie Carmichael, Carmen Coleman, Josh Holmes, Norlin Merritt, Carolyn Gauthier, Karen Soroca and Deborah Winters)
Your music is as good as anything I've heard on the radio!
- Rick Dougherty, singer, musician, arranger, the Limeliters
I love it! I'd buy it!
- Lee Rosenthal, Esq.

Teresa James, Julian Smith and Brie Howard are some of the featured Artists on our Label. Julian Smith sang both Meant to Be and Thank God for a Wonderful World for us.