Music to Move You


["The One That Got Away"] Wow. I'm humbled, honored, and almost speechless. This song is amazing. It made me cry. It made me feel. That's the best compliment I can give. I'm instantly in love with this song. Well done everyone, and thank you for sending it to me. Made my day ladies, thank you again.

Kenny Wayne, Drummer, Sun Valley, CA @KennyWayne777


["My Father, That's My Father"] Oh, that's lovely! It has a Disney Movie sound that is so welcoming and appealing. Brava. You make your Dad proud.

Marty Friesen, Singer, Music Teacher, Fairfax, CA


["My Father, That's My Father"] That is beautiful. Your voice sounds fantastic.  May I choreograph to it ?

Pamm Drake, Director/Owner, Dance/10 Performing Arts Center, Alameda, CA

[And Karen Soroca said “YES, you can choreograph to it” and Janet Marie said “I can’t wait to see the video”!]

["No Other Like Your Mother"] Touched my heart with so much love...beautifully written & sung as only you can, dear Karen...really spectacular.. XOXO"

Merryl O’Rork

Everyone who hears the song ["Wise Woman"], LOVES THE SONG .  It really is a great song, and I believe every woman can relate to the lyrics.

Patricia Nelson, Founder, Wise Women Workshop

Janet, I love the song ["Lovely Little Cat"]......thanks so much for sending it to me.

Laura Keats, Partner, Go Girl Media

 Skip Waring, Trumpet Player/Arranger

 Great song!! [Santa, May I Hitch a Ride on Your Sleigh?]

Rona Edwards, Producer

Karen I love your song! ["Wise Woman"] And read the lyrics too, wonderful!

Karen Joy,

[Re: Santa, May I Hitch a Ride on Your Sleigh?] My students were very impressed that I know a song writer.  I was looking at my e-mail while they were taking a quiz and decided to play it to get their reaction. Everyone enjoyed. Only a few said they prefer rap!

Joan Berzon, high school teacher

[Re: Wise Woman] WOW!!! Very exciting...I know I will hear more of these reviews as you are very talented and you are going for it! You would think by 52 with all the talented people I have run across in my life that I would have several celebrity friends,  but you may be the first! CONGRATULATIONS! NAMASTE, Di

Diane Gregory, Yoga Instructor

"Wise Woman" is a strong song.  It's very hooky with a memorable melody". 

"I think it's great that the song is featured in the women in aviation documentary -   such an accomplishment to be proud of. 

P.S. My daughters (7 & 9) love the Hokey Pokey track on the CD and have choreographed a dance to it!

Julie Nakaharaf, Radio Executive

I heard "Wise Woman" by Teresa James after a video about women pilots.  I had some kind of amazing connection with this song (even though I'm somewhat of an old school male chauvanist)  Teresa did a great job with your lyrics!  But can you imagine Streisand or Cher covering this? Anyway, keep up the good work, my prayers go out to you Karen.  Bruce Wilder

Congratulations on a beautiful site.  I really love "Wise Woman", what a great song! You and Janet [Soroca & Allocca] write such a variety of music from children's to church. I love the lyrics and the arrangements!
- Mae Ross - actress, acting and modeling instructor

Your presentation is well prepared and your material is enjoyable when played.  We checked out your website and found it to also be professionally produced and informative.  Karen and Janet are lovely and no doubt have much to offer in the world of entertainment. 

HT Music

[Re: Love Patrol] I Love it! I Want it! I'll Place it!

Barry Coffing, Uprising Entertainment

Wow, Karen!!  You’ve been busy. Your web site looks really great. I love the pictures…. I

["Why Don't You Love Me..?"] sounds just great!  I'm sure someone is going to take it to the top!!!

Judi Siirila Paskowitz, Professional Singer (

Your song  ["Why Don't You Love Me...?"] is wonderful, and the production is so professional! 

Christine Earl, Baroque Vocalist  

I think the record ["Why Don't You Love Me..?"] is superb.  The music is outstanding, the lyrics are exceptional and the performance is just great.  The production is as good as it can possibly be (the tenor sax is perfect) and the singer, of whom I have not heard before, is so good that I'm going to check out any other performances by her.

Congratulations!  The record sounds thoroughly like a hit.

I genuinely feel the song ["Why Don't You Love Me.."] and the overall performance is as good as (better than, really) anything I've heard since Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me."

Ernest Nagy

After hearing the songs just a couple of times, they keep going through my head, which to me is a sure sign of a good song!
Jan Bourassa, medical assistant

 I played your song at the retreat. It got a great response. "Wise Woman" is indeed a wise song!

Congratulations on your award for your songs. I think they are so great. I play them all the time for my clients. 
Mary Ann Halpin, photographer, author - Pregnant Goddesshood

Mommy, could you please put "Wise Woman" on? I want to hear "Wise Woman! Please!
Gianna Gregory (at age 8)

I was so touched by your song ["Wise Woman"]. The women who were there still comment on how much they enjoyed it!
Kathy Chapek, nurse practitioner, director of children's theatre

I love your songs. When I play the CD for my friends, they want to know where they can get it!
Sara Forsell 

Your music is as good as anything I've heard on the radio!

Rick Dougherty, singer, musician, arranger, the Limeliters

Great song. Great lyrics!
Helen Bruner, therapist

There is no end to your talent, girl! All four of your songs sound highly marketable to me. I especially love your version of "The Hokey Pokey" ["The Hokey Pokey Hip-Hop"] - can't wait to play it for my two little nieces (ages 6 and 10) when they come for a visit.

 Leslie Bockian, Minister

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the writing is really great and the arrangements are fine... Very cool.

Kit Hudson, Director

Glad to see you [Janet] pushing ahead with Karen, as I think the two of you make a strong team.

Ira Ingber, producer/musician, Muscletone Studio

YOU "GO GIRL"...W O W!  What an absolute thrill beyond words to explore your website, see your gorgeous photos, sample the sure have been busy creating and realizing your dreams.  Your partner is lovely & talented too.  Must've been fun, but a lot of hard work.  A big CONGRATULATIONS and I wish you tons of success.  Will pass this along to many people.  I'm so proud of you...and to think..."I knew you when.."! 

Over the last few days I've had more of a chance to open different sections of your extraordinary website. Your Q&A portion [Q&A with Karen Soroca] is absolutely brilliant and truly inspirational for us mid-life gals. You've created something so meaningful. Thanks for putting a big smile on my face and joy in my heart!  I'm thrilled to spread the "Wise Woman" word to many others. Karen, I really do love it and salute you both.

Merryl O’Rork, Assistant to the Chairman, Worth International Publications

  Checked it [the web site] out. Looks great. Splendid sound. The Web is amazing!

Dave Hill, Technology Services Manager, County of Marin  

It's a great site, very friendly and inviting and light and fun.  Congratulations! 

Judith Claire, Personal & Career Counselor, Writer

Your site is full of interest for someone such as myself.

Sandra, Singer/Songwriter

Karen says: "I wish you could see my cat listening to "Christmas Wrappin'". She just LOVES the song. She sits there on my yoga mat, in front of the speaker with her ears wide open in a transfixed state. It's hysterical! She just LOVES the song!

Shanti replies: Meow, prrrr, prrr, meow, meow, meow!. I just luv that song. I can't wait until Christmas time when I get my new mousy toy! This song really puts me in the mood for the holidays. I can't wait to prance around all the unwrapped gifts on Christmas morning. Of course, I'm much better looking than that silly cat ornament in the tree. And I love the big water bowl under the tree. CHRISTMAS WRAPPIN' really rocks!

Shanti the Cat

Note to Shanti - If you thought "Christmas Wrappin'" was great, wait 'til you hear our new song, "Lovely Little Cat"!

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