No Other Like Your Mother

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"Touched my heart with so much love...beautifully written & sung as only you can, dear Karen...really spectacular.. XOXO".  Merryl O’Rork

No Other Like Your Mother” is a classically-influenced, inspirational song which describes the unconditional love a mother has for her child and the deep bond they share.  It is a song everyone can relate to, and the lyrical clarity of artist Karen Soroca’s vocals is beautifully enhanced with the addition of piano and violin accompaniment.

Writer/Performer Karen Soroca says “this song was written to honor my mother, Ruth Soroca, and all mothers.  A mother’s love is very special.  As the song title states, There’s 'No Other Like Your Mother’.” 

Karen Soroca: “the photo on the CD was taken by my father in the 1950s.  I believe we were in Rockaway Beach, NY, where we used to rent a bungalow every summer to get away from the heat of the city.  My mother looks so maternally content holding my brother, Lee (4 months old, right) on her lap and me (4 years old, left), sitting right next to her.  And she was so beautiful!  She will remain in my heart forever.” 

Ms. Soroca is a classically-trained, professional singer, who sings with the Marin Symphony Chorus in Marin County, CA.   As part of that group, Soroca has also backed for Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead!  Karen also has sung in several motion pictures, including Scrooged, The Addams Family and Spy Kids.  When she is not singing, she teaches yoga and writes in the pop songwriting partnership of Soroca and Allocca.  For the full bio of Karen Soroca, please click here.

Of interesting note: Karen’s young relative plays violin on this lovely song.  The violin part was performed by Ariel Horowitz, Juilliard School student and student of renowned artist Itzhak Perlman. She was only 17 years old when she played this violin part in early 2014. 

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