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 Is there someone in your life you feel like you were destined to meet? Do you remember that special feeling you had? This song will take you right back to that moment! It's a pretty, pretty love song.

The Story Behind "Meant to Be"

Janet Marie was inspired to write the words to "Meant to Be" by an old college friend. He had played in a band with her best friend, Joanna. Then, after college, they'd all gone their separate ways. 
Sadly, it was the funeral of their dear friend, Joanna, which brought them together again. Their reunion held a special significance for both of them. It really felt like it was..."meant to be". So this song has always held a special significance for Janet and is still her favorite song.
Accomplished singer Julian Smith, known as "Tony" to his friends, is the pure pop voice behind both Meant to Be and Thank God for a Wonderful World.

Julian Smith
I love your songs. When I play the CD for my friends, they want to know where they can get it!
- Sara Forsell
After hearing the songs just a couple of times, they keep going through my head, which to me is a sure sign of a good song!
- Jan Bourassa, Medical Assistant

I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think the writing is really great and the arrangements are fine... Very cool.

- Kit Hudson, Director

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