Music to Move You A Novelty/ Rap Song about Parenthood that is Great, Good Fun!

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Our client, Sheila Marra (see photo below), came to us with a great idea and some lyrics for a novelty/rap song called "Mama Rap" to promote the great cause of parenthood in a lighthearted and yet meaningful way. We loved the idea and turned it into great, fun track, using original lyrics plus the music of "Drunken Sailor", a great old folk tune made famous by Burl Ives.

L. to R.: Sheila Marra, Janet Marie, Pepper MaShay and Karen Soroca in the studio to record "Mama Rap".

"Mama Rap" celebrates...and bemoans...parenthood, by highlighting the good and the bad in a catchy, fun way. In the song, Mama is lecturing to the P.T.A. (Parents and Teachers Association) to the delight of the audience. She even coaches the parents on a tough love session and makes them repeat after her:

Parents, Rapped: I donít wanna put up with all your crap

Clean up your room Ė itís a fire trap

And I donít wanna hear that nasty rap

Sung: Early in the morning.

Amazing talent Pepper MaShay handles the lead vocals. The parents are played by Larry Treadwell (who is also our engineer), Ted Andreadis (the Chairman of the PTA and the "Yo Mama" voice) and yours truly, Janet Marie and Karen Soroca. The musette, a type of French accordion, is played by David P. Jackson.

Larry Treadwell
Ted Andreadis
David P. Jackson and Janet Marie

Mama Rap is a unique track. We would love to see it as a production number done by Queen Latifah in "Beauty Shop 3" or as a number in one of the "Big Momma" movies. Hey, maybe even the "Rappin' Granny" from "America's Got Talent" would be a great choice to cover it, too!  In any case it's a track that should inspire both parents and kids to come closer and to see the good-hearted humor in their relationships with one another.