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TV/Radio Theme is a sexy Barry White Sound-Alike




"...When, in 1994, her theme song “Love Patrol” opened a relationship show on Los Angeles’ KIEV-AM, the experience led to an epiphany – Janet Marie realized that, more than any other aspect of her work, it was lyric writing that she really loved! "

The project teamed up talented composer Bill Kole of Sweating Palms Music, Inc. and Janet Marie of Danstar Productions, and this sexy Barry White sound-alike theme was then produced by Kole for Janet Marie's show. Here's the lyric:

There's a search warrant out for your love-lost soul

Sooner or later, you'll pay the toll.

Admit it, baby, you're out of control

So you better surrender to the Love Patrol!"

Love Patrol

No possibility of parole

Confess, confess to the heart that you stole

You're under arrest... from the Love Patrol!

     (Love Patrol)
Love Patrol
    {Jazz solo}
Love Patrol

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Janet Marie, Producer/Publisher, Danstar Productions

Love Patrol Theme © Copyright 1995 Danstar Productions (ASCAP) and Mission Control Productions, Inc. (BMI)