Love Never Dies...

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Life is a beautiful yet fragile journey.  When my long time friendís husband died quite unexpectedly, it was a shock.  I did not comprehend how this could happen to such a wonderful, vibrant person. 

As I attempted to console my dear friend, I found myself writing down what I wanted to say to her.  Then I heard this melody in my head; a melody that sounded quite reminiscent of the Renaissance era.  I love the haunting melodies, sometimes modal harmonies and wonderful instrumentation of that time period.

LOVE NEVER DIES was written for my dear friend, Joan, to honor her husband, Lee.  When I think of him, I can still picture his radiant smile.  He loved life and this love, which he shared with many, will live on in all of us. 

I hope that this songís universal message is helpful to all those who are healing from the tragic loss of a loved one.



Vocals: Karen Soroca  

Producer/Music Director:  Karen Soroca

Synth (Celtic Harp, Keyboards & Wood Flute) :  Karen Soroca

Baritone Ukulele:  Lawrence Treadwell 

Sound Engineer:  Lawrence Treadwell

Recorded at Simple Roger Studio, Sun Valley, CA.

Love Never Dies © Copyright Danstar Productions 2009