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Artists: Rick Dinsmore and the Marin Children's Chorus




LIVIN’ FREE IN THE U.S. of A. is a patriotic song that celebrates diversity and freedom.  It was inspired by the events of Sept. 11.  Throughout the song are musical themes taken from old American folk songs such as "Oh Susannah" (written by Stephen Foster). 

The use of a fife-sounding instrument and snare drum brings one back to the days of the Revolutionary War.  

Add a driving rock beat and the song becomes a fusion of old and new.  The addition of the pure innocent voices of the Marin Children’s Chorus reminds us that our children are the future of this country.  

More Photos of the Marin Children's Chorus

Co-writer Karen Soroca adds:

"Along with being grateful to live in the United States, I also like to envision a world where all nations live in peace, where differences are tolerated and where our human commonalities are celebrated.  Love and tolerance are healing."  

Lead Artist Rick Dinsmore's Johnny Cash-like vocal imparts a down-home, solid "anchor" to the piece.

Rick Dinsmore (above) tells us:

"I've been been doing this since the 70's and until someone takes my guitar and hands me a shovel, I'll keep it up.

I was based in Los Angeles during the 70's...

My partner, Ernie Payne and I played the clubs and ended up signed to a small record company, Vault Records, who consequently sold our contract to United Artists records and we did an album for them in the mid 70's...

("Natchez Trace") nothing much came out of that and I moved to Texas planning on doing TV production work there.

The music scene was incredible in Texas at the time and I got to know and perform with some fine singer/songwriters like Lucinda Williams, Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson etc.

I moved back to Los Angeles in the mid 80's and connected with some great country rock players including Albert Lee, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, etc.

and have been putting out independent albums since... "

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