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Janet Marie

Janet Marie is an accomplished Music Songwriter/Publisher/Producer and SAG-AFTRA performer. She is also a Business Manager and founder of the fitness site, http://lazygirlz.net.
"And inside me a fire's beginning to rise.
The roles I have played, now harmonize.
I've set the stage; I've written my part.
You know you're never too old to follow your heart!"

"Wise Woman" Verse 3

My passions are dance, music, TV and Film, motorcycling, hiking, water sports, Maui, Scrabble and spirited debate!  And I write a mean lyric, er, I mean, a  catchy lyric!

Life is an ongoing challenge, but if we try to stay focused on our goals and centered in our spirit, we might just get to where we want to go, or... have a lot of fun trying!













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