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About HIGHWAY 101...

Janet wrote the lyrics to "Highway 101" after being inspired by a film of the same name. "Highway 101" the movie is in development - and based on the enthusiastic response we have received from the filmmakers, we hope to see our song playing in the end title credits of this engaging, upcoming film.

In Los Angeles, "Highway 101" is also called "The Hollywood Freeway" and in the song, Hollywood is the destination of a young girl who wants her dreams to come through on her way to Hollywood. But the song is larger than that - it's universal in the sense that it talks about letting go of our painful past, moving on, and following our dreams, whatever they are. To read the colorful and uplifting lyrics, which believe it or not quote Shakespeare, click here.

Artist Christina Rasch

Musically, the style of the piece is a young female pop/rock style. Our artist, Christina Rasch, really nailed it for us. We were also fortunate to have one of Bruce Springsteen's top recording drummers, Gary Mallaber, play on our track. He brought his talented team of Gerald Johnson and "BB Chung King" to play guitars.  Plus the studio we worked at - Sound Image - was top of the line.    

"Highway 101" is quintessential Soroca & Allocca - rock beat, memorable melody, killer chorus, catchy lyrics and most of all, a positive, uplifting message for all.