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Learn Some Cool New Moves Along with the Classic HOKEY POKEY Moves You Already Know!

MOVE #1 - THE SWING IT! (Swing left, swing right, shake, shake, clap-hop-finish)

Swing {1}it to the

  left {2}

Swing {3} it to the

 right {4}

Do {5} the Hokey 

Pokey {6} & feel

{clap} {7} 

alright! {8}

Starting with your left foot, step sideways out to the left {1}, and then tap your right toe into your left {2}. Swing your arms as shown, as you step. Now go back to the right: step right {3} and tap your left toe into your right {4}. Next, pretend you have pom-poms in your hands. Twist and shake left {5}, then right {6}. Face center and clap along with the clap in the music {7}, hop up and finish {8}.

MOVE #2 - THE TRADITIONAL HOKEY POKEY (Just follow the words in the song!)

You put your right {1} foot in {2}

You put your right {3} foot out {4}

You put your right {5} foot in {6}

and you shake {7} it all about. {8}

You do {9} the Hokey Pokey {10} and you (start circling back to the right)

turn {11} yourself around {12}-

that's {13} what it's 

all {14}

about! {15}

{clap} {16}

The remaining choruses are variations—for RIGHT FOOT above, substitute LEFT FOOT, RIGHT ARM, LEFT ARM, then HEART( just put your hand over your heart, and lean your whole body in).

MOVE #3 - “THE PUSH” - (Push it left, push it left, right, push it right)



Pushin' me




Pushin' me


Start with legs together, left hand on hips and right palm facing forward {figure 2}. Using your left foot, step out to your left, and using your right hand, “push” left {1}. Now bring your right leg to meet your left, and bring your hands back to center {2}. Repeat this same sidestep, again to the left {3 & 4}. You’ve just made two steps to the left {1-4}. Now, reverse it and make two steps to the right ! {5-8}

All the underlined words, the pictures, and the instruction points are on the beat. Count it out!

Also note that our tiny dancer is your mirror, or opposite, to you.