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Here's the classic Hokey Pokey, but this time, updated hip-hop style, with some cool new moves for kids to learn. Hear the clip, check out the lyrics, learn to do the dance, or buy it
"There is no end to your talent, girl! [Karen Soroca]. All four of your songs sound highly marketable to me. I especially love your version of "The Hokey Pokey" ["The Hokey Pokey Hip-Hop"] - can't wait to play it for my two little nieces (ages 6 and 10) when they come for a visit." - Leslie Bockian, Minister

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Brie Howard Darling

Brie Howard Darling is the ultra-cool singer of "The Hokey Pokey Hip-Hop". Brie's sung with Jimmy Buffet, Carole King, Jack Wagner, Ringo Starr, and many famous artists. She was lead vocalist for the Boxing Gandhis and she also is an accomplished percussionist. She also performs on our composition "Christmas Wrappin'".

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The Hokey Pokey Hip-Hop is available to buy in a 14-song CD (above).

The Hokey Pokey Hip-Hop is also available to buy in a  CD Single (Radio Mix).

"Well, you swing it to the left, you swing it to the right
Do the Hokey Pokey and feel {Clap} all right!"


You can learn how to do the traditional Hokey Pokey (if you don't know it already) plus 2 cool new moves that go with "The Hokey Pokey Hip-Hop", accent on the hip-hop! The new moves are "The Swing It" and "The Push". They're real easy to learn and lots of fun to do. Click here to go to the Do the Hokey Pokey Hip-Hop Page.

WE HOPE YOU WILL MAKE "THE HOKEY POKEY HIP-HOP PART OF YOUR PERMANENT MUSIC COLLECTION. IT'S A CLASSIC! IT'S ALSO OUR NUMBER ONE DOWNLOAD ON  Soroca & Allocca, Songwriters  ITUNES. Please click here to find out how to buy or download our CD'S. Thank you.

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