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MYSPACE: Please see http://myspace.com/GiannettaMarconi for further information and to listen to songs.


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  Giannetta Marconi


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  GIANNETTA MARCONI: Dancing Across the Mediterranean Sea-(Single)

album cover GIANNETTA MARCONI: Put It Where You Want It (Choisis Moi)

Dance to a throbbing beat and immerse yourself in the ultra-sensual spoken word artistry of Giannetta Marconi in this HotMix six-mix single.

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Any pro DJ's or dance radio stations out there? Present your credentials to qualify to set up a free account and download Giannetta Marconi tracks at   http://www.airplaydirect.com/GiannettaMarconi or at http://radiodirectx.com. These are two of our fine promotional partners.


CONTACT:  Giannetta Marconi records on The Giannetta Group label.  Her primary business is licensing music to film and TV.  For further information about this multi-talented artist/producer, please e-mail contact@GiannettaMarconi.com. Giannetta is also a professional voice/over artist and is interested in providing original lyrics and v/o performances in other trance producers' tracks. Thank you.