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(Photo by Phil Snook)
Giannetta Marconi at the LAMA Awards 2007

When you think of Giannetta Marconi, think HotMix!

This talented producer/writer/lyricist and spoken word artist has developed a unique sound that incorporates Euro-influenced dance music (a mix of trance, techno and pop/dance crossover elements),  ultra sexy voice/overs and ethereal arias.  Her first CD, a six-mix single entitled "Put It Where You Want It (Choisis Moi)", mixed sexy French vocals with a pounding dance beat, and was nominated for a Los Angeles Music Award for Best Dance Female Vocal.

In 2007, Ms. Marconi was invited to re-mix a track for a signed UK artist, and was honored to have her tracks selected for release by a distinguished panel of judges...yes, that is, until contract negotiations got in the way!  Turning a problem into an opportunity, Giannetta re-mixed her own tracks into her newest single, “Dancing Across the Mediterranean Sea”.  The lyrics and the music transport you into a mood of endless summer.  When you listen to this evocative, almost haunting song, you'll feel like you're forever 21. 

“Hot nights, warm breeze, you and me…

Summer of love, time to be free

Ibiza, Majorca, Roma, Capri -

Dancing Across the Mediterranean Sea”

(Dancing Across the Mediterranean Sea © 2008 The Giannetta Group. All rights reserved)

Giannetta Marconi started her label, The Giannetta Group, to explore her lifelong love of dance, and to create music she would like to dance to.  A former dancer herself, Giannetta was classically trained in both music and dance, starting at age 5.  Her entire approach to dance music comes very much from the dance world.  Every track must pass “The Dance Test” to be eligible for her HotMix brand!

Lyrics are also an important part of the HotMix  quotient - the hotter the better!  Thematically, Giannetta's lyrics often relate to relationships, to commitment and to the essence of sensuality. Marconi's lyrics also tend to reflect her slightly wicked, yet playful, sense of humor.

"You're like a dog (who barks all night at the moon)

    Tu es comme un chien (qui aboie toute la nuit à la lune)

         You're like a dog (who barks all night at the moon)

So rollover... and maybe...I'll give you a little treat!"

Choisis Moi (Appetizer Mix) © 2007 The Giannetta Group. All rights reserved

As a producer, Giannetta Marconi brings a welcome female sensibility to a male, engineer-dominated field.  In her opinion, so much of dance music is primarily  about creating a dynamic wall of sound.  For Marconi, it's more about bringing well-honed, traditional songwriter skills into a medium which she thinks cries out for it. 

"If you look at the use of female vocals in so much dance music these days, it's frequently just a matter of creating yet another "sonic splash" to add to the mix. In point, the lyrics and the vocals are typically subordinate to the track itself.  Can you even remember the lyrics in most dance songs? Well, I believe that we can make dance tracks truly memorable by presenting strong lyrical concepts within  well-conceived song structures.  Hey, what a novel idea! (LOL). Classic pop music has always understood that the essence of a good song... is good songwriting."

But ultimately, Marconi's wish is that you just enjoy the music...and get up and dance!!!