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AIRPLAY UPDATE!!!  Through our promotional partners at RadioDirectX, our tracks/CD's have now been downloaded and/or requested for airplay by over 130 stations and clubs worldwide.... Countries include USA, France, Italy, UK, Belgium, The Netherlands, Greece, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, Balarus, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Russia, Norway, Scotland, the Czech Republic and Uruguay!


Photo of Ibiza at night.  Ibiza has one of the hottest club scenes in all of Europe, and even hosts its own world-famous Ibiza DJ Dance Awards.

April, 2008. Giannetta Marconi releases her new CD Single, "Dancing Across the Mediterranean Sea", reflecting her trademark HotMix™ style of dance/electronica.  She partners with AirPlay Direct and RadioDirectX.com to get the word out to dance DJ's worldwide.

December, 2007 - "Put It Where You Want It (Choisis Moi)" is chosen as runner up in the Song of the Year Contest.

(Photo by Jim Steinfeldt)

November, 2007 - Giannetta Marconi nominated for Los Angeles Music Award (LAMA) for Best Female Dance Vocal for "Put It Where You Want It (Choisis Moi)".  She accompanies accomplished composer and Music Industry News writer Scott G to the awards, and finds herself mentioned in Scott G's controversial review of the show.

Summer, 2007.  Giannetta Marconi releases "Put It Where You Want It (Choisis Moi)", a very sensual trance/electronica 6-mix single that mixes sexy French vocals with driving beats.  The interesting story behind this is that it took seven, count 'em, seven years to get this off the ground, due to two failed collaborations on the way.  In the end, Giannetta found greater strength and confidence as a writer/producer by creating all the tracks herself.  And with the help of her longtime mixer/mastering engineer, Lawrence Treadwell, and her associate,  Avril Sage, this long-awaited work finally came to fruition.